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London Security

Victoria which is a peaceful safe district, but safeguard against theft. Keep your things safe:

  • Do not leave luggage unattended during your journey.

  • Beware of pick pocketing and keep valuable hidden from sight.

  • Any valuables in the hotel can be kept with us

Travel and Transport
Victoria is a central area with good transport links to the airports and sights of London.

Rail Travel Enquiries    General Travel Enquiries   London Underground Enquiries    Traffic News


London and the UK has unpredictable weather, so review the  Weather Forecast before travelling.


Money Exchange
There are lots of places to change your money around Victoria Station. Some of them take commission, for instance Bureaux de Change. The minimum commission is 3.50 for the smallest transaction worth 10.00.



You may need an adapter for electrical items, which can be bought from the airports. We can loan an adapter (this is not electrical voltage converter).


London Tipping

In some restaurants service is already included in the bill, so there is no need to leave an extra tip. In most restaurants it is not the case and a tip should be about 10% of the bill


Telephone Calls
All rooms have direct dial telephones.  If you prefer to use public phone boxes, you can use phone cards, charge cards or coins . Phone cards can be bought at newsagents and Post Offices.

Telephone Dialing Codes                             Directory Enquiries

Things to Do:
There are plenty of things to do in the local area.

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